Unhealthy Patterns in Relationships

Unhealthy patterns of communication come in all shapes and sizes. Here are articles addressing the common unhealthy relationship patterns in South Asian couples:

  • Common elements of unhealthy fights (article)
  • Criticism
  • Contempt
    • Four signs you feel it (article)
    • Why is it so detrimental? (article)
  • Defensiveness (article)
  • Stonewalling (article)
  • Minimizing problems (article)
  • Passive aggressive behavior
    • What is passive aggression? (article)
    • Signs of passive aggressive behavior (article)
    • Effects of habitual passive aggressive behavior (article)
    • How to tell if your partner is being passive aggressive? (article)
    • Tips to talk talk to a passive aggressive person (article)
    • An example of a successful conversation (article)
  • Repeating unhealthy communication learned from your parents (article)

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    Uhmm… This article is very descriptive, but it would help me if you would make one that actually had an article that described unhealthy ways to communicate in a relationship like the title says. Thanks!

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