imageMay’s ingredient is: beets!

Beets are an excellent addition to your diet if you wish to become healthier.. Though their reputation may deem them undesirable, beets have numerous physical and emotional benefits.

These root vegetables are an excellent source of folate, a B-vitamin that has been linked to depression. A study conducted at Harvard showed that 38% of women who are depressed are deficient in folate.

Beets are also good source of iron. This mineral is also closely related to our mood. A deficiency in iron can cause symptoms of depression such as weakness, exhaustion, loss of appetite, headaches, etc.

In addition, manganese is found in beets which has positive effects on mood disorders such as depression. People who experience low mood, chronic fatigue or even fibromyalgia are encouraged to eat a diet rich in manganese.

Similarly, a lack of potassium in our diet is also linked to depressive symptoms such as tearfulness, weakness and fatigue. Beets are a good source of potassium as well.

Finally, beets have no fat and are high in dietary fiber. This is the perfect combination to control Type 2 diabetes and lower cholesterol. Having diabetes has been shown to increase the risk of Alzheimer’s so it is important to include foods that help regulate blood sugar levels for the short run and the long run!

If you are dedicated to living a healthier life, consider adding beets to your regular diet!

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