Giving Thanks: Six Easy Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Both intuition and research have shown that feeling grateful makes people feel good, physically and emotionally. Gratitude, as defined by psychologist Robert Emmons  studying this positive emotion, is a two part emotion. First, gratitude is when we affirm that there are good things in the world. Secondly, gratitude is when …

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Appreciation in South Asian Families

While Marisa’s husband was away on a business trip, her mother-in-law Usha stayed with her to help her take care of Karan, who had developed chicken pox. Marisa and her Usha had a surprisingly close relationship considering how different their backgrounds were. They respected each other and both truly enjoyed …

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South Asian Mental Health: Gratitude Improves Overall Health

Significant improvements in your mental health can begin with small lifestyle changes such as being more thankful and show more gratitude. Recent research on thankfulness has shown significant positive improvements in health, mood, relationships and well-being in people who express their gratitude on a daily or weekly basis.