How Parental Stress Affects South Asian Children and Teens

Being closely attuned and attentive toward your children is a necessary part of being a good parent. However, it is not sufficient to being a good parent. Many South Asian parents, while they focus intensely on their children’s needs, forget to take care of themselves. As the work, home and …

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South Asian Emotion: Laughter and Your Health

With the crazy schedules and the intense pressure that come with daily life, we forget to engage in the one thing that we have been able to do since we were 6 weeks old and that has very powerful healing and protective properties: laughter. Laughing has been shown repeatedly to …

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South Asian Mental Health: Gratitude Improves Overall Health

Significant improvements in your mental health can begin with small lifestyle changes such as being more thankful and show more gratitude. Recent research on thankfulness has shown significant positive improvements in health, mood, relationships and well-being in people who express their gratitude on a daily or weekly basis.