Fruit Pizza

Fruit PizzaWhy are Kiwifruit is good for your mental health? Why are there recipes on MySahana’s website?

Fruit Pizza!

A refreshing twist to the traditional pie! A great alternative to common desserts.


1. 1 roll pilsbury refrigerator sugar cookie dough
2. 1 pack/ 8 oz. cream cheese
3. 6 tbsp of regular sugar
4. 1 tsp. vanilla essence
5. Fruits: your choice of fruit. I prefer the fresh seasonal fruits over canned (strawberries, kiwi, peaches, grapes, raspberries)
-parchment paper


-round pizza baking pan

1. Roll the cookie dough on to the pizza baking pan ( it should look like a giant cookie)
2. Bake the cookie @ 375 for 15 min.(Preheat oven).- also refer to baking directions on the box.
3. Once cookie is baked, set aside on a cooling rack.
5. In a bowl mix cream cheese, vanilla & sugar
4. When the cookie is completely cooled, spread the mixture of cream cheese,vanilla & sugar on the cookie crust.
5. Decorate with fruits.
While serving, cut the cookie as you would cut pizza. This way everyone gets to relish all the fruits topping the delicious fruit pizza. During summer serve a scoop or two of ice cream and drizzle it with hot chocolate sauce.

This recipe is shared by MyMantra reader Anjali Bhaid.

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