About MySahana

We are a global pioneer, changing the way South Asians understand, experience, and talk about mental health and overall wellness.

Our Mission

Good health incorporates mind and body. Our mission is to eradicate mental health stigma so South Asians can discuss their mental health experiences with loved ones and professionals without shame or secrecy. By offering culturally appropriate education on mind and body lifestyles, we aim to encourage a whole health approach to wellness in the South Asian community. At MySahana, we don’t see you as made up of two parts, mind or body. We see you as a whole being, where mind and body are interconnected and mental health is one of many important facets of overall health and wellness. As the pioneers in mental health and wellness education for South Asians globally, we at MySahana offer a whole health, integrative approach to mental health and wellness. Through educational events, access to accurate information, and support for budding professionals who impact the health and wellness industries, we eradicate the stigma of mental health and increase access to appropriate supports to improve your whole health.

How it began

MySahana was founded by Parijat Deshpande in 2010 in response to her recognition of a deeply entrenched stigma in the South Asian community about mental health and a complete lack of cultural understanding and awareness within the mental health community about South Asian cultures and values.
MySahana was originally created to bridge that gap between the South Asian and mental health communities through educational materials and cultural competency trainings for mental health providers.

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How it’s going

Since its inception, MySahana has evolved to be a global pioneer in wellness in the South Asian community. By expanding our focus from just mental health to overall wellness, we are dedicated to empowering South Asians to learn how mental health and physical health are inextricably connected. By providing integrative, whole health resources, we aim to create an enormous shift in the South Asian community to better understand how health conditions, especially those seen frequently in the South Asian community, are influenced by mind and body.

Our Board of Directors

We are currently looking for professionals to join our Board of Directors.  Please email us [email protected] to inquire about the volunteer positions we have available.

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