Mind Matters

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South Asian Couples: A Story About Gender Roles

Purva and Ashok were absolutely in love. They were caught up in their romance for the two years they were dating and after Ashok proposed, they became consumed with wedding planning. This left little to no time for either of them to talk about the important issues such as finances, …

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Ask the Expert

Readers’ questions about emotions and wellness are answered by the expert professionals in the field of Psychology. They have extensive experience and a passion for helping the community live healthier life. Click here to ask her a question. Answers to questions will be made available on MySahana’s e-publication, MyMantra, every month …

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South Asian Emotions: Creating Your Wellbeing Toolbox

During times of stress or in the middle of a depressive or manic episode, it can be very difficult to remember how to take care of yourself. Healthy coping strategies significantly improve mental health symptoms, while unhealthy tactics can further exacerbate your situation and your symptoms. Poor mental health has …

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Misbehavior Is Not Always Due To Poor Parenting

Adish and Rupali knew parenting would hard. However, they never realized exactly how hard it could be, especially with a child like Vijay, their 5 year old son. He was a sweet child, showing love and affection to both Adish and Rupali and their dog. He liked to help Rupali …

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