South Asian Couples: Support Each Other During Times of Stress

Srishti sunk into the sofa and burst into tears. “What happened,” Sapan, her husband, asked. “Who was on the phone?” “It was my mother. My father has cancer,” Srishti said between sobs. Sapan sat beside her and hugged her while she cried. “I can’t believe this is happening. He’s so …

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Tips On How To Help Someone Who Is Depressed

Seeing a loved one depressed can make you feel helpless and frustrated because you want to help but you don’t know how. When someone is depressed, due to clinical depression, postpartum depression or winter blues, most of the time they want help but do not know where to begin. As …

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South Asian Parents: Tips to Reduce Stress

Parents experience an immense amount of stress on a daily basis. While most parents are thrilled to have children, every one of them will agree that there are days when the pressure and demands of the role feel impossible to meet. Add on to that the responsibilities for maintaining a …

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Three Tips to Overcome Resentment

Resentment, colloquially known as bitterness, is a toxic emotion that is primarily induced by feeling as if you are being treated unfairly. Resentment can be felt in any type of relationship including intimate partnerships, friendships and professional relationships. It is an emotion that is built up over a few weeks, …

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South Asian Couples: the Volatile and the Avoider

Abhay was the calmest person you could ever meet. He rarely became angry or overly happy and seemed to be at peace with everything in his life. Ashwini was the opposite. She was a very passionate person who felt a wide ranges of emotion. When something exciting happened, Abhay would …

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South Asian Relationships: How to Express Concern

Due to the value placed on keeping personal matters within the family, South Asians are often hesitant to talk to professionals, friends, fellow students, teachers or coworkers about what they are struggling with in their private life. There is a misconception that if they don’t talk about it and act …

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South Asian Mental Health: Gratitude Improves Overall Health

Significant improvements in your mental health can begin with small lifestyle changes such as being more thankful and show more gratitude. Recent research on thankfulness has shown significant positive improvements in health, mood, relationships and well-being in people who express their gratitude on a daily or weekly basis.