Food for your Mood

The food you eat affects how you feel a few hours later, and how you feel affects the food you’ll choose the next time you eat. This cyclical relationship between food and your mood can be advantageous if the correct food is chosen.

For example, several vitamins and minerals such as  vitamin B-12, vitamin c, omega 3 and folic acid, etc. have shown to reduce depressive symptoms in the short term. This can be helpful since depressive symptoms can lead to under- or overeating and choosing unhealthy food for immediate comfort. This section will highlight a particular ingredient each month that is high in many of the essential vitamins and minerals that help reduce emotional health symptoms in the short run. Each month, we will begin with a short description of the benefits of the food of the month and each week a new recipe  will be uploaded that highlights the ingredient.

Please note that that food choice and dietary changes have only shown temporary relief from certain emotional symptoms and do not address the root cause of emotional symptoms. For long term relief and treatment, it is highly recommended that you see a mental or physical health care professional.

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