They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to make dreams come true and make a nonprofit a reality. We would like to thank the following people for all of their hard work, dedication, support and excitement for the work that we do.

Web Development

Words cannot express enough gratitude to the very talented Levi Lalla for developing MySahana’s website.

Web Management

MySahana is extremely grateful to Ashutosh Gholkar for his talent, undeniable skill, creativity and foresight in managing MySahana’s website and helping it run smoothly.


MySahana is hosted by


MySahana’s logo was developed by the creative and talented Daniel Westergren.


Special thanks to Wayne Connor for his Sliding Door theme used to create MySahana’s sliding pane main menu.

Menu Photos

A very big thanks to the photographers who provided photos for MySahana’s main menu:

Purple flower (Home): Kavitha Kadambi (website)

Trees (About): Peter Bergman (website)

Tree Silhouette (Myths): Dhara Thakar

Notebook (Blog) and Mailboxes (Contact): Carlos Sempere (email)

Strawberries (Food and Mood): Marcus Vegas (website)

Food For Your Mood

MySahana would like to thank Beyond the PlateChezUs, ANutritionistEats, Kitchen M, Everyday Bites and My Halal Kitchen for offering their recipes and photographs for the Food for Your Mood section of the website.

Special Thanks

So many people have touched us, supported us and inspired us in so many ways. A special thanks to:

Anna Paine * Anuradha Mohan * Ashish Mathur * Ashok Kakade * Atul Tambe * Archana Neelmegh * Carlos Sempere * Cadatasoft * Christine Patel * Diana Dunkelberger * Ekta Makhijani * Farhaad Virani * Farhan Laljiani * Kavita Phadke * Kavitha Kadambi * Manoj Betawar * Matthew Lindgren * Meera Jaeel * Micah Fisher-Kirshner * Nathaniel Montgomery * Neha Betawar * Neha Kakade * Nima Gujar * Nitin Parekh * Prakash Deshpande * Puneet Jain * Radhika Nayak * Rajashri Deshpande * Rasika Apte * Reema Kakaday * Rohini Tambe * Samta Menghrajani * Simi Markar * Sonil Mukherjee * Tushar Deshpande * Ujwala Agharkar * Utsab Saha * Vikram Harish* Vishal Nayak * Vivek Patel * Zachary Gautney

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